Latin Hip-Hop

Другие названия

Latin Rap, Rap Latino

Время основания

1981 год

Ключевой релиз

Сингл The Mean Machine - Disco Dream

Другие основатели

The Mean Machine, Mellow Man Ace, Vico C, Ruben DJ,

Схема возникновения

Hip-Hop + Latin Pop + Bossa Nova + Salsa + Samba + Son Cubano + читка на испанском языке = Latin Hip-Hop


Latinos have been involved in the Hip Hop scene since its conception but it was when they start to incorporate elements of their own identity when Latin rap was born. New York based Puerto Rican crew The Mean Machine were pioneers rapping in Spanish in their single "Disco Dream" but the use of Latin American Music (from distinguished Latin pop samples to native music instrumentation) and more proudly use of regional accents progressed to a more unified sound, although not homogeneous. In the West Coast, Mellow Man Ace, Frost and Cypress Hill developed the genre to different ways (and with different results), originating the first step that will become "Chicano Rap" years later. By the other hand, Puerto Ricans brought the genre from the East Coast to the Caribbean, being Vico C the pioneer of rapping only in Spanish and proud of the accent and use of slang. Nowadays, Latin hip-hop was the manifestation of a mixing of cultures unified by their use of Latin American spanish accents and reivindicating their own local realities. Among the main acts are Control Machete, Orishas, Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas and Ana Tijoux.

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