Tape Music

Время основания

1944 год

Ключевой релиз

Работа Halim El-Dabh - The Expression of Zaar

Другие основатели

Halim El-Dabh, John Cage

Схема возникновения

Classical Music + необработанные звуки реального мира + акустика + манипулирование скоростью = Tape Music


The invention of the magnetic tape brought about new possibilities in the realm of Experimental music, namely Musique concrète, Electroacoustic and Sound Collage. Tape music composers capture raw real-world sounds, recordings of musical instruments or synthesized sounds on tape to present the sounds as acousmatic compositions, distinct from the Western Classical Music tradition of musical notation which results in different performances each time. These composers may also proceed to manipulate the sounds using methods characteristic of electroacoustic music. Some composers such as Steve Reich and William Basinski have combined Minimalism and tape music by looping snippets of audio using tapes.

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