Progressive Metalcore

Другие названия

Dynamic Metalcore, Technical Metalcore, Energetic Metalcore, Ambient Metalcore

Время основания

2006 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом After The Burial - Forging a Future Self

Другие основатели

After The Burial, Architects, Born of Osiris, The Human Abstract

Схема возникновения

Progressive Metal + Metalcore + высокотехнологичная гитара = Progressive Metalcore


A fusion of progressive metal and metalcore characterized by highly technical lead guitar, "atmospheric" elements, and complex instrumentation. Some notable practitioners take influence from djent. Progressive metalcore can be distinguished by a marked emphasis on technical guitar-driven songs, sometimes featuring guitar solos. Often "intricate guitar playing dominate(s) the rest of the instruments." Like progressive metal in general, unconventional song structures and varying tempos may be used. Singing may be included, but death growls are more prevalent. The genre is also reliant on the incorporation of "atmospheric sections," ambient instrumentation and repetitive melodies. Progressive metalcore songs often feature intense breakdowns with heavily distorted palm-muted riffs. Some bands utilize keyboard or piano sections as a backdrop.

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