Heavy Hardcore

Другие названия

Moshcore, Brutal Hardcore

Время основания

1989 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом Killing Time - Brightside

Другие основатели

Killing Time, Sheer Terror, Madball, Judge, Maximum Penalty, Youth of Today, Chain of Strength, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Warzone, Sick of It All

Схема возникновения

Hardcore + Heavy Metal + Thrash Metal + Youth Crew + Crossover Thrash = Heavy Hardcore


Heavy hardcore is a genre of hardcore punk that features aggressive vocals, down-tuned electric guitars, gang vocals, blast beats, and heavy breakdowns. More heavy metal-influenced than traditional hardcore punk, heavy hardcore often is heavily influenced by thrash metal music and is sometimes influenced by hip hop music. Breakdowns in heavy hardcore tend to be staccato low-end musical breaks. According to writer Brian J. Kochan, heavy hardcore "embraces the mystique of the gritty and hard working class lives of those in America's big cities". Writer Kevin Warwick of Bandcamp described breakdowns in heavy hardcore as "thick palm-muted rhythmic guitar jogging alongside the clicking, pinpointed thrum of a double-kick pedal and quarter-notes on the crash". Punknews.org described heavy hardcore as "heavy breakdowns, growly vocals," and "the occasional metal riff".

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