Boogie Rock

Другие названия

Southern Boogie

Время основания

1967 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом Canned Heat - Canned Heat

Другие основатели

Canned Heat, Savoy Brown, Humble Pie, Cactus, Status Quo, ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad

Схема возникновения

Blues Rock + Boogie-Woogie + Rock & Roll + R&B + Progressive Rock + Psychedelic Rock = Boogie Rock


Genre of rock music which came out of the hard heavy blues rock of the late 1960s. Largely designed for dance parties, it tends to feature a repetitive driving rhythm in place of instrumental experimentation found in the more progressive blues-rock bands of the period.Boogie rockers concentrate on the groove, working a steady, chugging back beat, often in shuffle time.

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