Другие названия

Pop-Folk, Folk Pop

Время основания

1964 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом Simon & Garfunkel - Wednesday Morning, 3 AM

Другие основатели

Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Donovan, Cat Stevens

Схема возникновения

Folk Music + Popular Music + независимость от электрогитары + коммерческое звучание = Folk-Pop


Genre originating from the 1950s which blends Pop music with Contemporary Folk. It has many similarities with Folk Rock of its era and many folk pop bands have been defined as such, as they both tend to use backing bands and pop structures. However, folk pop is characterized by a more commercial sound, with less reliance on electric guitar, a larger presence of harmonized and catchy melodies, and shorter, softer songs. Either it is contemporary folk songs with large, sweeping pop arrangements, or pop songs with intimate, acoustic-based folk arrangements. Folk-pop began to evolve in the early 1960s, but it came into full force after folk rock became a sensation in the mid-'60s. Folk-pop doesn't have ringing guitars and rougher edges of folk-rock; rather it's softer, gentler, and more pop-oriented.

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