Другие названия

Melodic Dubstep

Время основания

2011 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом Blackmill - Reach for Glory

Другие основатели

Blackmill, CoMa, EvenS, SizzleBird, Seven Lions, Phaeleh, Mt Eden, Skrillex

Схема возникновения

Dubstep + Chillout + Downtempo + Ambient + Future Garage + Liquid Funk = Chillstep


Направление в музыке, которое тяжело отнести к классическому стилю Dubstep, из-за лёгкости и мелодичности звучания, что больше подходит для стиля Chillout. Chillstep is a sub-genre of Dubstep. It is heavily influenced by Downtempo, Ambient, Future Garage and Liquid Funk. The half-time beats and sometimes bass wobbles of Brostep are often included in chillstep but they are less intense and more relaxing. Sub-bass is usually used in most tracks. Blackmill's early works were great influence for many chillstep producers, and have helped to establish and define the sound of the genre. Other artists, such as CoMa, EvenS and SizzleBird have also contributed to the sound of chillstep over the years.

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