Outsider House

Другие названия

Lo-Fi House, Outsider Dance, Raw House

Время основания

2010 год

Ключевой релиз

EP Steve Summers - Lucid Fingers

Другие основатели

Steve Summers

Схема возникновения

House + Deep House + Lo-Fi + Tech House + Techno + IDM + Noise + Industrial + Dub + Hard Techno = Outsider House


Outsider House is a gritty style of Deep House music characterised by its DIY nature, intentional use of lo-fi production, and utilising a mix of analogue and digital instrumentation. It stands in opposition to the recent commercialization of deep house by avoiding the polished sounds that have caught on in the mainstream. Ron Morelli's Long Island Electrical Systems label is considered the hub of this sub-genre, paving the way for such producers as Delroy Edwards, Anthony Naples, and Huerco S., coming from various backgrounds and applying Punk or avant-garde ethos to Dance music.

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