Art Pop

Время основания

1965 год

Ключевой релиз

Песня The Beach Boys - California Girls

Другие основатели

The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, The Who

Схема возникновения

Popular Music + Pop Art + Cinema + Avant-Garde Literature + Fine Art = Art Pop


Art pop emphasizes the manipulation of signs over personal expression, drawing on an aesthetic of the everyday and the disposable, in distinction to the Romantic and autonomous tradition embodied by art rock (also known asprogressive rock). Sociomusicologist Simon Frith has distinguished the appropriation of art into pop music from that of rock music, noting that in pop music, art has a particular concern with style, gesture, and the ironic use of historical eras and genres. Drawing on postmodernism's breakdown of the high/low cultural boundary, Frith says that art pop artists trouble issues of sociological interpretation and historical authenticity, instead exploring concepts of artifice. Central to particular purveyors of the style were notions of the self as a work of construction and artifice, as well as a preoccupation with the invention of terms, imagery, process, and affect. Cultural theorist Mark Fisher wrote that the development of art pop evolved out of the triangulation of pop, art, and fashion. Frith states that it was "more or less" directly inspired by Pop art. According to critic Stephen Holden, art pop often refers to any pop style which deliberately aspires to the formal values of classical music and poetry, though these works are often marketed by commercial interests rather than respected cultural institutions. Writers for The Independent and the Financial Times have noted the attempts of art pop music to distance its audiences from the public at large. The Independent's Nick Coleman wrote: "Art-pop is partly about attitude and style; but it's essentially about art. It is, if you like, a way of making pure formalism socially acceptable in a pop context.

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