Neoclassical Darkwave

Время основания

1985 год

Ключевой релиз

Альбом Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal

Другие основатели

Dead Can Dance, In the Nursery

Схема возникновения

Darkwave + Classical Music + Ethereal Wave + Ambient + Gothic Rock = Neoclassical Dark Wave


A subgenre of dark wave music that is characterized by an ethereal atmosphere and angelic female voices but also adds strong influences from classical music. Neoclassical dark wave is distinct from the art music form known as neoclassical music, a style of classical music dating from the early twentieth century. In the context of popular music, the term 'neoclassical' is frequently used to refer to music influenced by classical (including elements from the baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic music).

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